And I’ll find strength in pain

I knew December was going to be hard , so I booked up loads of stuff . LGMC on Friday ,’the brilliant musical, Victor Victoria’ ( a second evening when there were no queues in the ladies loos ) on Saturday night ,the fantastic Mumford and Sons at The O2 last night , ‘Merrily we role along ‘ ( OK, my friend Jane booked that one ) on Thursday and the film ‘The Hunt’ on Friday- phew .At about 5pm ,I wilt , and wish I wasn’t going …then I change from my boofy paint splattered trainers and clothes , get out there ,have a glass of something over 12% and feel better about the whole thing . The people watching opportunities are amazing , the ‘thing’ is a great sensory distraction ,plus I have something ( other than my deep ,dark,sad,stuff ) to get me off to sleep .

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