And she Smiled

My Mum .
She was no bloody angel , but she used to make me laugh ,cry and could make the best chicken curry in the world . She is also the kindest person I have ever known and I grew up secure with the fact that whatever happened , she would always bat for me …and likewise ,me for her .
I said goodbye to her 5 years ago this morning and the more I think of her ,I realise what an amazing ,strong, funny, caring, selfless ,kind woman she was . For all her worries and demands ,I had a very happy childhood .

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  1. Yes, Joan was an amazing combination of all the best traits a person could have – and she raised two outstanding daughters, both who were sprinkled with more than a few of those same attributes. Thinking of Joan and sending love to you xxx

  2. Joan Brown was without doubt the person I have admired most in life. I have never witnessed such selfless dedication and pure love. Not just to her family but to a much wider group of people. Her life was one of the most demanding I have ever seen and yet she seemed to glide through it unflustered, with ease and above all humour. Although it was only for a few weeks, I saw her daily life up close when I first started teaching in London and she offered me a place to stay until I found somewhere to rent. She was working full-time as a nurse, was Jane’s principal carer ( a rôle than can only be understood by those who saw it first hand ), her home was a place of comfort, warmth and joy, her Sunday lunches were legendary, her energy and stamina just mesmerising and she took in waifs and strays like me! She was generosity personified in every sense, at every level and to everyone. She is a tough act to follow but my money is on Rachel, a very, very, very close second.

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