And the good news ,we’re all going to be together in Amsterdam

You’ve heard it all before , but I’ll give you a few clues as to what day it is tomorrow , 26 years ago…

It was lashing down with rain .We were in Lammas Park ,one o clock club .Rosie took all her clothes off and ran around like crazy and wouldn’t come back to me . She would only listen to Lorna , who persuaded her to get dressed and walk home with me . We went to The Maynards and the kids did finger painting – we were all covered in the stuff . Sitting at the table, I went into labour , drove home and had a strong contraction while turning the car right into Mattock Lane , the car came to an abrupt standstill – someone tooted me and i cried . Grandma and Jane came over to look after jacob and Rosie and at 25 past 11 that night ,in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital , the most gorgeous bundle of joy was born .

I send her all the love in the world

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