and to top it …I’ve got the Screwfix catalogue to trawl through

Played too many games ,eaten too much chocolate, drunk too much stuff with percentages on the bottle , spent an afternoon splattering the walls in the downstairs loo with Florence practising our skills on the potters wheel ( result -2 bowls and a vase rather like one of those you find in a dodgy looking Greek tourist shop ) and now my brains gone all wobbly.

2 Replies to “and to top it …I’ve got the Screwfix catalogue to trawl through”

  1. sounds like Easter! Can you post pics on this blog – I’m kinda wanting to view the outcome of the pottery session – the bowls and vase – not the splattered walls 🙂

  2. Post the pics – afraid not .
    We were covered head to foot in the brown stuff – no cameras were harmed in the making of these pots …………..
    Sally , You will have to imagine !

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