Another act of kindness- they make such a big difference .

My Australian cousin ,Alan, is a wine-buyer.He knows a lot about the stuff , it’s his job and his hobby . We last met at Auntie Grace’s funeral and he was extolling the virtue of Swiss Wine – I’ve never tasted the stuff .On Thursday I met up with a friend and she was telling me that she and her partner had driven to Geneva ,had a tour round the lakes and mountains and discovered Swiss wine along the way .They liked it so much they brought back a couple of cases .

So it was a lovely surprise when I got home yesterday and there on my doorstep was bottle of Domaine De la Treille ,Chasselas 2012. John and I sniffed it, squished it ,spun it round and then dogged it back – very nice it was too.

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  1. Take your ‘Green Goddess’ on August 1st [Swiss National Day] to Vevey on Lake Geneva. You can buy a glass for 5 euros and keep filling it up for free! Well anyway, you could in 2010!

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