Another adventure- we don’t want snow

I’m in an uber-busy-zone. Friday night I saw the fabulous ‘Feast’ , and last night , we saw the wonderful , amazing ,superb ( you’re gathering I really really liked this show ) ‘Glasgow Girls’ at the Theatre Royal ,Stratford East .Then tomorrow I’m off to Minehead, Somerset , with six students and two assistants , on two trains and a mini-cab .So unless you want to be held up , avoid anywhere around Hanwell and Paddington Stations around 9.30 . ( last year I hadn’t factored in ,one of my students not being able to lift her leg high enough to get on the train ) .We are returning to the brilliant Foxes Academy for 2 days of work experience in the hospitality industry.. think ‘The Hotel’ meets ‘The (Un)dateables.

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