Another celebration !

60years ago today, my brother, Richard James was born. I have lots of happy memories of when we were kids, him pushing me ,fully clothed,in the paddling pool…him kicking my NEW beachball over the cliff, me going crazy , him climbing down over the cliff to retrieve it and the he didnt come back . We had to call out the Cornish coastal rescue team , we were all sobbing , until he casually sauntered over the cliff and we all went mad at him. I wont mention the chinese burns or the Pink history book with a picture of Archbishop Cranmer being burnt at the stake , which absolutely freaked me out. Richard used to leave it open in my bed or on the loo , or in my school bag . Why I never chucked that dam book out , baffles me.

10years ago we all went over to Denmark for Richards 50th, it was a fabulous lunch party , in a log cabin in a beautiful nature reserve with lakes , streams, hills etc. He had a hog roast and there were speeches and songs .. the Danes love to sing . After a few traditional Danish songs, Grandmama got up and sang ‘knees up mother brown’ and Jacob bravely did a call and response ‘ aroochacha’. Nic, Sarah , Victoria, Jacob, Rosie and Florence all looked beautiful and were so happy. If only…….. Jane came with us to Denmark , but sadly was too poorly to come to Richard’s party , so Sarah and I kept driving back to be with her and her volunteer .

Emma and I are going to see ‘Spring Awakening ‘ today. Going to see a film or a show , is a good distraction for my troubled mind. I become absorbed and hold Rosie’s hand .

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