Another one Jane and I used to belt out

It’s a bit odd ( sad ) when you write a comment on your own blog ,so I’ll do it properly ..

Yesterday we were together and did good positive stuff…We went to The Isis, had brunch in the Serpentine Cafe ,walked around The Serpentine ( avoiding Winter Wonderland ) , went to the Jake and Dinos Chapman exhibition – I have just got over the trauma of viewing a graphic film of them being born as adults , whilst sitting next to a member of the Ku Klux Clan ( me ,not them ) . Then we drove west to the beautiful French Chateauxesque home of the Rothschilds ,Waddesdon Manor , and ,in the dark, walked around six light installations by Bruce Munro .I think we were the only family NOT to lose a toddler ( probably cos we didn’t have one with us ) .Then ,like the 4 wise men/monkeys/shepherds we headed east and found ourselves in The Foresters ,eating Thai food, drinking their guest ale, ‘Nosey Rosey ‘and playing contract ( John won ) The we did a ‘Strictly ‘ sweepstake and at midnight came home and watched the final ( John won that too – the sweepstake NOT the dance ) .I think Natalie was robbed .

Then today I’ve been to Southall for samosas and listened to Desert Island Discs – another coincidence -one of Miranda Harts’ choices was ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind ‘ , which we sang at each of Jane, Grandma and Rosies’ funerals ,and has to be the most beautiful hymn in the world.

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