Another suitcase in another hall

By the time we saw this ,there was equity in our musical theatre relationship .
We were no longer sharing a bedroom , I was overcoming an obsession with David Essex and Jane , bless her , was having a tough time physically ( which means mentally as well ,as the two go hand in hand ) .
So ,I was happy to be Che Guevara, while she attempted to hit Evas’ high notes .
So last night , sitting in ,what I consider to be the most beautiful theatre in London , Regent’s Park Open Air , seeing Evita , little Jane Brown was in my head ,singing along with me and making me weep a little bit more

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  1. This made me weep a little too Rachel – it’s like I was back in her living room and singing at the tops of our voices with Alastair on her lap. And then, one of the last times I spent with Jane, we went to the theatre and I just wish I can remember what we saw.

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