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As Arnold Bax once said ”One should try everything once, except incest and folk-dancing.” So today I took him at his word and went to a sermon at ‘ The School of Life ‘ entitled’ Good Moves’. It was different . We started all standing and singing to the first hymn ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer ‘ ( Sister Sledge 1979) and ended with doing the same to ‘Dancing in The Streets’ ( Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, 1964 ). The sermon was by Dr Peter Lovatt and it was about movement, music and primarily ,dance – how much does your body influence your mind ? Why are we encouraged to stay still and focus while learning stuff -why not move ? He had doing all sorts- dances, sequences, steps, chants and ended with a batch of brain-gym exercises – I loved it .Funnily enough I cannot say the alphabet .At infant school ,we were taught it by singing it ,and 50years later ,I still do the same .

Then I got on the tube and started reading the Sunday supplement…The 11 Plus , Your time starts now ..Allow 40 seconds per question.

Q1: If yesterday was the day that comes four days after Thursday, what is the third letter of the day that comes four days after tomorrow?

Took me about 2 minutes and I recon 1 min and 20 seconds of that was looking for a pen ?! I don’t think the brain gym had worked

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  1. No Jayne, nice try , but could do better .Especially as they are looking for a letter !
    Try this one ….
    can you find the four-letter word hidden between the words that are next to each other in this sentence ?
    He was amongst the chosen few.

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