Ant and dec still make me laugh , despite Dec’s terrible hairdye

Are you or aren’t you….watching ‘i’m a celebrity……..” ? Flo and I are . We used to watch it with Rosie , but she could never sit still long enough , and have to go and check her ‘off your facebook’ every 10mins . She would usually come back in to sit soft with us , having made a cup of milky coffee and proceed to drink it by slurping it off a teaspoon ! Well at work today we were discussing the good old days of ”I’m a celeb” and how soft and cushy its become.Do you remember when they used to have to make sure the fire never went out- someone had to watch it all night , collect their own water, no indoor shelter, scrub their smalls in the lake ( not have Kim and Sam do a laundry service for them ). Mind you i think some of the bushtucker trials have got harder , i’m with Katie Jordan on last nights one – scared i was going to drown

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  1. My first vote to win is for Kim (yes darling..wonderful darling) because she just gets on with it. I don’t find her annoying..mine you,I’m not in there.I have very little time for Katie Price-Jordan and I find myself drawn to her upper lip-has that botox gone wrong or has she got some kind of banana wedged under there?Shame about Dec’s hairdye but it happens to the best of us….

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