anyone want 7 biro lids and 3 withered elastic bands ?

Listening to Claire Balding this morning and people were texting and tweeting and emailing in about what they were giving up for Lent ( they weren’t the ones giving up social media ) .

I’ve never done the whole ‘Lent thing’ .Of course I’ve done the bits at the beginning and end – the pancakes and the chocolate , but not the bit in the middle .

Then one woman texted in that she wasn’t giving up anything – which I think is wise , as for me , as soon as I give up anything i.e. chocolate,wine,rum or nibbly-bits , I crave it and end up consuming twice the amount I normally would .Instead ,she is going to do something .So everyday for 40 days (OK I’ve missed 4 ) she is going to clear out one drawer and give anything of use to someone else, to charity …so i’m off to do that now , starting with my ‘miscellaneous kitchen drawer stuffed with crap’.

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  1. Inspired by your blog I too decided to clear out my mkdswc(better known as “second drawer down” in our house!) I wondered if I could exchange your pen tops for an empty sweeteners box? I have decided to hang on to the withered elastic bands and used but not quite finished cake candles as I am not quite sure if there may be a use for them somewhere….

  2. So Far in the charity bag ..I have a woven bread basket and a table runner that some Spanish students gave us .
    Failing miserably with the donations!

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