Anyone watch ‘Survivor’ – we loved that.

Getting off to sleep can be very hard and getting off after waking in the night ,can be even harder. So I put my mind to good use and think of deep and meaningful things, such as – who won ”I’m a celeb get me out of here” in 2009. Then I’ve got no chance of sleeping as I’m dammed if I can remember . So the first thing I did this morning ( second actually ) was to google it . It was ….Gino D’Acampo , and the year before that was Joe Swash…Christopher Biggens ( oh no it wasn’t …oh yes it was ), Matt Willis,

Carol Thatcher,Joe Pasquale,Kerry katona,Phil Tufnell , Tony Blackburn .

There- now we can all sleep easy tonight ( until I start thinking of ‘ The Strictly’ winners ).Thank God I don’t watch X factor.

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