Are you watching ‘Grease’ the musical tonight ?

John and I have just got in from doing ‘front of house ‘ at the soup kitchen . Just before we start , having made 20 loaves worth of sandwiches , and a vat of soup , the question is asked ‘who wants to be in the kitchen ‘ and ‘who wants to wait on tables’. John made the mistake once of volunteering to go in the kitchen , until i pointed out we can wash up at home ( plus there are NO Marigolds ) and lets go out there and talk to people ( prob my greatest hobby )…it was heaving today, full of great characters , one of whom was full of too much ‘diamond white ‘and had to be put in the recovery position (( not me – although I’ve just poured my first R&C). Our friend Surrinder came too. My little fairy hadn’t seen my note and so the oven ( with beef in it ) wasn’t turned on and so we’ll be eating about midnight. Heyho

What do you think about Anton, and his inappropriate remarks ? i think he should have gone…………….?

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  1. Anton should def go. Bring back matthew Cutler to dance with Laila. Sack brucie for making it worse. get Justin Lee Collins to do his bit. Or Alan Carr. Or Michael macintyre. Anyone BUT Brucie would be better. Thank God for fast forward on sky plus so i don’t have to listen to him drivel over the autocue.

  2. What about Dannii on X-Factor? That was a ‘joke’ that fell flat.I think I saw a bit of tumbleweed blow across the stage in the silence that followed . Much as I can’t believe I’m typing this,I actually thought John and Edward were better than I thought they were going to be. Not great voices but I liked their clothes and all the jumping………..(I love Matthew Cutler and his hair)

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