” Art is a guarantee of sanity”

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse ,up pops Andrea Leadsom – who wants to take us back to the 1930’s – anyway who needs gay marriage, or the security of knowing there is a minimum wage, or maternity leave etc etc .

I congratulate anyone who can write a dodgy CV and get away with it . For a bet ,I once wrote ‘Nobel Peace Prize 1979 under the ‘achievements ‘ heading of my job application …and still i got an interview .Didn’t get the job though .

So here are a few reasons to be cheerful – part 3 ( which translates as ..places I’ve been to this week , and don’t want to sound like I’m showing off, but would like to recommend them to you )

The Geffrye Museum – what a fab London gem

The Hive , Kew Gardens – looks great ,but I felt totally underwhelmed when in it . I think I missed something

The 10th floor of The Boiler House ,The Tanks ,The Switch house ,Louise Bourgeois’s little black and white chequered figure.

The Trout Inn – right on the river- great chips ,beer and company .

Gove is out of the running

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  1. We went to The trout Inn at Wolvercote Oxon and there is another one at Tadpole Bridge, which is also on the river .
    What did you think of The Hive ?

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