Thank you for Jane for alerting me to this interview with Nick Cave

He speaks as he sings ,poetically , and a bit like ‘ there is no logic in this world’ etc etc ‘ ,this is a brilliant and beautifully written paragraph. It helps me make sense of life , when things happen for which there is no sense

”The idea that we live life in a straight line, like a story, seems to me to be increasingly absurd and, more than anything, a kind of intellectual convenience,” he says. “I feel that the events in our lives are like a series of bells being struck and the vibrations spread outwards, affecting everything, our present, and our futures, of course, but our past as well. Everything is changing and vibrating and in flux.”

On a lighter note , wasn’t the ending of Car Share Series 2 , gutting and so real .

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  1. I also thought of you when I read it, especially this :
    The rush of emotion it unleashed in people and the way they wrote about their own sadnesses and their own griefs was monumental and amazingly helpful for me and my family.

    It made me think of you saying that you thought you were kinder now, and I’m sure that reading about other’s grief and genuinely feeling for them (in a way that I couldn’t-not having had the experience) helps with that.

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