As his dad asked the audience, did you see him playing himself in ‘Fresh Fruit’ ?

OK, I’ll come clean was tantric singing at Hanwell Community Centre ( where that scene in Billy Elliot, where Billy dances with Julie Walters , was filmed ). I’m not going back , it was a taster and I was pants . On the phone the woman said it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing , but she lied, it did. Once there she asked me if I was alto or soprano, I thought she was talking Spanish , so I told her I was partial to a bit of tapas washed down with a San Miguel. But really it did matter ,and everyone could , so that’s that – til I find some other form of brain-gym to try ( do NOT suggest ,learn a language – although I did spy at HCC they do pottery classes…….. ).

But anyway ,on a positive, last night was fab John and I went to The Riverside Studios to see Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael’s ‘ show ‘ Back – Chat’. I love Jack Whitehall -he really does make me laugh out loud. His guests were Mathew Horne,Lethal Bizzle and Nick ( ex Apprentice and current presenter of Countdown , who thought it ridiculous ,C4 bleeped out the word ,wanker, last week ) Hewer. He’d brought the show down from The Edinburgh Fringe and it was basically a very funny chat show, with his dad interjecting with inappropriate,but very funny comments. Im making it sound naff, but really, it wasn’t.

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