At least it wasn’t on the campsite

I tried to put it into practice but it just wouldn’t work – so I swore and cringed instead , avoiding giving any other drivers eye-contact .

Two sessions into my Mindfulness ( probably not helped by the fact that on a Wednesday I go straight to Zumba ,which is the exact polar opposite ) and I’ve engaged with my breath , body-scanned ( not pleasant ) and recognised the present moment. All these should helping me to be more in tune with my mind, my breathing , my head .Nothing can take my sadness away or turn the clocks back or bring Rosie back , so I’m just hoping MBSR will help me cope with situations in which I feel scared, trapped ,too sad to function, excluded or the most common one – having to listen to someone say something that penetrates my gash .

But I can tell you now ,it doesn’t work when you are driving Emerald down a quiet side-street and her alarm goes off and won’t stop until has gone through all seven different sounding beeps and whizzes and screechy noises !

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