At The Roundhouse – one of my fave venues in London

Pottery is on hold for the minute .Once I’d actually made ,glazed and fired a piece that actually resembled something and had a function ,I signed up for the second term only to receive an email that Hanwell Community centre ( place of learning for all those famous ceramists- Picasso,Moore, Rodin ) has been taken over by Ealing council and so all classes are suspended for a few weeks – which is dam shame cos it is used non-stop .I’ve even considered booking in for Singing/upholstery/five-a-side/tai kwon do etc, but sadly,it’s not to be . So I might have to do something else . My back and ankle are a bit dodgy , so being suspended upside down ,by a rope around your neck wearing nothing but your vest and pants , and then going horizontal before twirling around and doing the splits in time to Zumbaesque music seems a good option .(It would cut out all the time I do on my daily stretches , which would give me more time for the martial arts ) . So I’m off to put my name down for The NoFit State Circus ( in my case it’s the costumes that No Fit ) who we saw last night – jaw droppingly brilliant

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