Au revoir

I’m going to take it seriously this time .

No more chucking on bits of clay , sticking my thumb in it and expecting it to come out looking like Grayson Perry’s ‘The Tomb of The Unknown Craftsman’

John and I jetting off to Carcassonne to spend nearly a week ( I’m owed 3 days of work ,hence the mid-term-mini-break, although God knows why I have to justify it ) staying my friend Rowena’s at ( rural ,in a valley with a stream and a waterfall ) Ammonite Pottery .

Should be lovely , once we’ve got over the huge argument that is likely to occur when we leave the airport in our Thrifty car and I’m in charge of the map .

if it wasn’t for the fact we’re flying Ryanair ,I’d be bringing a whole dinner service home

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