Auntie Grace

I hope it wasn’t my last story about the Kenyan baboons that did it but last night, Auntie Grace died peacefully in her sleep .

Auntie Grace is my Dad’s younger sister . She was down to earth ,a retired family-planning nurse married to Bobby Jolowicz, who amongst other things, was a theatre critic. She has three sons,Alan and Hugh who live in Oz and Philip ,who is currently working in Dubai. Yesterday I told her about Kenya , about Jacob , Florence and John ,about Caren in Bungoma and then we looked at the photos of her sons and Grandchildren .I’m not sure how much she took in ,but at times she tried to talk to me – hope she wasn’t telling me to shut up ! She took sips of cranberry juice,ate a little bit of Cadbury’s Whisper and dozed a lot.

I loved her dearly.

I also love the name Grace .My Mum’s name is Grace Joan Brown .She loathed the name Grace and called herself Joan .She even called me Rachel Joan .I loathe the name Joan . Rosie is Rosie Grace . Florence is Florence Rachel and Jacob is Jacob Patrick – I only wish we’d slipped the name Jane in there somewhere ( probably not in Jacob’s though )

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  1. Jane the Border Terrier? Mmmmm maybe not…….Jack Russell perhaps? Sad to hear about Auntie Grace……but sounds like a pretty good last day. I only met her a few times but she came across as a very elegant and lovely lady.

  2. Happy Birthday Dec.
    Yes Auntie Grace was rather elegant and also vey down to earth .She told some great stories of when she was training as a nurse , during the war, at St Mary Abbots Hospital- Kensington( which sadly, got blown up ). In those days all nurses were called by just their surnames .One of her closest friends was a girl named Windybanks .Grace took her home, Windybanks got pregnant by Anthony,their older brother , and I think that was the end of Windybank’s career in nursing !

  3. sorry to hear about Auntie Grace, Rachel – you have spoken so warmly about her in this blog and she sounded rather marvelous. I’m with you on her name – it sounds so elegant, pure and honourable.

  4. I too love the name Grace. Our youngest is Maggie Grace-tho’ she was Maggie Rose for the first two weeks of her life until I changed my mind!
    It is such a calm name.

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