Back to the swimming club …….Had an email from Steph , She’d remembered the time that Jane and her went out for a drive in Trev’s new open top sports car ( Jane in the front of course ). Steph tossed her lit cigarette behind her, it landed in the folds of the roof – and the rest they say is history !

Which then led me on to think of the wonderful day Rosie and I had 2 years ago when we went to visit York Uni( I am not going mad , there is a link with Steph , but not the swimming club )…we had a ball. I’m not really sure why we went really ( never saw any with Jacob ). I guess Rosie mentioned once she might be interested in doing History of Art, I jumped on the bandwagon , fancied a day out and got cheap train fares. Well it took us all of 10 minutes to look round the Uni , Halls of residence and Lecture Theatre. As soon as Rosie heard there was only 1 club in York ,and it was usual to travel to Leeds and get the milktrain back, plus she realised she didnt really want to do HOA anyway, we phoned Hannah( Steph’s daughter – see theres the link ) , who was studying there, and she came and met us. The 3 of us shot back into York, which is a beautiful City, and did the touristy stuff – Ramble, shambles , Minster etc and Bettys Tea Rooms – which was – in the words of Craig Revell Hall – FAB U LOUS. We had the full monty – sandwiches, scones and cream , cakestand – oh how Rosie loved that cakestand. We then had 2 hours ,before our train left , and so it had to be ….cocktails. Hannah took us to this fab, quirky bar, I put my CC behind it …and off we went. I had to have my absolute favourite’ Long Island iced Teas’ , but the girls went off piste and tried lots of Cosmopolitan Singapore slow screws in Manhattan. We rolled onto that train , and both fell asleep- which is unheard of for Rosie and me- ironically we both had the stamina of an ox ( and in my case the same shape ).

In 2 weeks it will be the anniversary of the day Rosie and I flew up to see Glasgow School of Art. Ask Stu and Holly about that one . Another wonderful day – if only i could turn that dam clock back – I miss her so much.

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  1. Lovely memory Rach. I know that must hurt as much as it helps. I have been looking back to see if there was any reference to our Victoria Wood night and couldn’t find any. It wasn’t THAT bad!!! xxx

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