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Blimey what a summer of adventures….

Were just back from our holiday in Spain and France and now await our 3 Italian students .

I don’t want to leave Europe ,I love it and being part of it .Everyone I met ,I told them this and even suggested that at least we join The Basques or The Catalans and form principality .Pathetic I know , but a start ?

Anyway Tim and Teresa’s Wedding was amazing !

The Irish and the Spanish know how to party …and eat ( an 8 course banquet )…..and drink …and celebrate …and dance …and sing ….and make heartfelt ,moving speeches .

From the beautiful Catholic Church ( in the square with the fountain in the sunshine – it was like a film set ) , to the reception in the countryside , to the people and the love and the joy and the inclusivity -it was a dream .

Thanks to some good instruction from Tim’s relatives , The Spanish now know how to dance the Siege of Venice , and of course ,we have nearly all perfected the art of flamenco dancing- not !

Not to mention ,the night before gathering for drinks and Tapas in the Plaza del Castillo , the afternoon after for drinks in The ( guess where ) Plaza del Castillo and supper on the roof terrace .

Such a joy .

Then we drove to our familiar little piece of heaven in The Languedoc region of France ,Caunes Minervois .

We frolicked in The Orb and The L’Argent Double They are rivers , not dodgy sounding casinos .
We celebrated Johnnie’s birthday at a lovely restaurant on the banks of the Canal du Midi – and on top of the obligatory half a carafe of vino each , a Dutch friend ,treated us to a bottle of champagne .

Ryanair even let us carry our bodyweight of luggage on board .

All good stuff

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  1. That sounds like an amazing holiday-nothing like a good wedding-especially in a beautiful setting. I have to correct you on one thing Rachel-the dance is The Siege of Ennis. I only know this because (shocking, since I am Irish) I made the same mistake myself, much to the disgust/amusement (not sure which was the strongest feeling) of one of my friends. “Did you ever wonder why Irish people would have a dance named after Venice………” and so it went on. xx By the way Andy nearly tore my arms out of their sockets doing that dance one night at the Irish Centre.

  2. Gel . Thanks for letting me know ,I’ve been saying it wrong ever since I got flung across the dance-floor ,in the middle of the spinning bit , about 35 years ago !

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