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I love the sea . After a stressy 4hour ( when it should take 2 – but double that when the M25 is closed) journey to bexhill-on-Sea. John and I cosied up in with The Dyers in their beach hut and had a fab Meditterean feast, a glass pf Prosecco and batoned down the hatches as it blew aforce 10 gale outside- we spared a thought for Flo holding her tent down in Reading , and psyching herself up to see Rosie’s all time international fave band ( Not the Broadways ) – Kings of leon.

Just got back from seeing a lovely, feel-good, gentle, funny,non gun welding, no swear words film…and true to form , i’ve completely forgotton its title . I think its’ mid-afternoon August Lunch’…and it is NOT the sequel to ‘dog day afternoon.

Has anyone tried the Marstones Pedigree ( it’s a beer not a dog ) limited edition Marmite ? We’ve had the Champagne and The Guiness ones , but at £3+ a jar , I’m too mean to buy it til it gets the thumbs up.

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