Being all together is the best thing ever

I was going to write a load of old gumph about what a fantastic time we had in Dam
…how we did 10% culture – getting the train to Utrecht and having a tour of the fabulous Rietveld Schroder House – playing Scrabble and being thrashed by Jacob who scored 100plus more than the rest of us as he got 2 seven letter words
…. and 90% partying -going to The Brouwerij’t ij ( twice ) , dancing to the cheesiest CD’s ever , dining with 2 Mexican girls ( never met before ) , dancing with the same 2 Mexican girls and 1 Australian , being cooked for by Florence and Simon, getting the boat to Noorderlicht, eating cheese fondue , not getting on Jacob’s rowing boat , but watching Jacob ,Freya , Florence and Simon , sail into the sunset ( well from Jacob’s jetty to Rico and back again )

and then I saw the new photos of Rosie , and I felt such a huge overwhelming pang of love and want and hurt and sadness , my brain curdled .

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  1. Is the Brouwerjiti near a windmill ?
    if it is the same one, my brother went there and said its the best beer he’s ever had !

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