bet you’re impressed

Lorna and I were happily chatting away as I drove to Brigstock via tooting. All of a sudden my eyes were drawn to an amazing celeb-spot-couple.No not Brad and Ange, Tom and Katie or Brucie and his ex miss world missus…..but Ivy and Graham. I cleverly managed to avoid going into a skid . I nearly didn’t recognise them as last time I saw them they were going up the aisle with no clothes on ( don’t forget ,this is South London ). It was only for the fact Ivy’s wig was at a 45 degree angle with her face and Graham was holding his big power tool .

For those of you still in the dark , either a) you don’t follow this blog or b) you don’t watch mind-numbing trash on C4- they are the couple that featured on Coach trip AND Four weddings ( and won the honeymoon in Jamaica ).If Lorna hadn’t taken the wheel , I would have stopped and got their autographs

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  1. Rachel emitted an ear-piercing shreek and rammed my head against the passenger window with her left hand whilst pointing with her right. I don’t know who was driving the car. Out of the corner of my eye,I could see two very frightened people who then ran up the road. I don’t think that they were naked and I didn’t see any coach but I will believe anything that Rachel says because this was South London and I didn’t know how to get home from there…

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