beware The Ides of March

This week in politics- too depressing , too worrying and too much of The bloody DUP holding power in their hands , so let us move on to …

Rachel’s week in stuff

Red Nose Day at work – I wore my only item of red clothing in my wardrobe- a red cashmere jumper from a charity shop in Glasgow, price-10 quid .What I discovered – I was too hot .A lot of ASD students like the feel of cashmere. When you introduce red glittery finger paint to a certain young person , they like to add their spit to it and get it as far up the sleeves of thus mentioned cashmere jumper as they can .

Standing at the E8 bus-stop in the middle of Storm Nadia ( Bake Off influence?), a young twenty something girl approached me , opened her carrier bag and said ”would you like some chocolate?” I obviously do not look like I need any chocolate and so I did the typically British thing and said ”no-thank you ”, thinking I was about to be scammed or signed up to something for life . she repeated her question to my fellow bus queuers and they said more or less the same . She looked a bit crestfallen . Then I took time to think and asked her why she was offering people bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – to which she replied ”I’m carrying out 40 acts of kindness in Lent and so I’m giving away 40 bars of chocolate”- so we all said , how kind , thank-you very much , and took one .

I turned 61, nuff said .

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