beware the Ides of March

Thank you to everyone who got in touch yesterday – sadly Grandma seemed to overlook in was her youngest child’s birthday and only phoned up to ask me whether she she should get ready for bed , as she was expecting cousin Robert and Louise en route to rent out some ski wear ( not for her ).As it was only 6pm , I suggested she stayed fully clothed.

The course was fab yesterday – it meant a mini lie in, a seat and a morning paper on the tube, lunch and then workshops on how to explore The Tate Mod , using all 5 senses. Months ago Jacob waxed lyrically about an exhibition tour thingy , at The Whitechapel Gallery by the artist Janet Cardiff…well yesterday we had to use a dictophone ( steady Georgina ) and make a similar (recording of our voices ) to Janet Cardiff’s thing ,a sensory noise tour of a small part of The Tate , being educationally inclined- my group chose the cafe !

In my lunch hour I managed to squeeze in a flying visit to The Gabriel Orozco exhibition. His last piece ‘Lintels’ reminded me of Geoffrey. He’d hung pieces made of lint formed of the skin, hair and fabric that accumulates in the filters of launderette tumble driers. Geoffrey made the cleaning out of those ,as one of my jobs to do on a Sat. morning.

Then once home ,Florence cooked us an amazing meal – Ottoleghi’s warm fried halloumi, chicory, pomegranate and walnut salad with seared tuna. Of course we missed Jacob and made a toast to Rosie- sad sad sad

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  1. That food Flo made sounds amaaaazing (I’m not even going to comment on the fact that all innuendos seem to be directed at me!) xxxx

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