Billy no mates

You would be so proud of me, I managed to stay at home for a whole afternoon on my own.

John went round to his pals Richard’s to watch the rugby , Jacob is at Glastonbury , helping Brucie learn his lines – well he is on for 3 hours , and Flo is treading the boards at Questors ( the hottest place on the planet ) Theatre.

So I had to keep busy , swimming – Id been there this morning, reading – no concentration , painting – no motivation . So with Rosie by my side I delved into ‘Good Housekeeping( joke ) ‘ magazine that I’d bought to dull The Mayday Hospital experience , but never got to open – for obvious reasons ! We went straight to the ‘cheap , easy Italian dinners’ and created Caponata and Polenta ( I was a polenta making virgin before today ), salami , mushroom and tomato bake. They don’t look like the stuff you get in Caluccio’s – more Lidls !

Last night Izzy and I went to see ‘Element Soup’ – absolutely brilliant. I know Georgie does not want me to reveal too much , but I was shocked to see Flo and Nat juggling fire on the high wire unicycle without a safety net.-Thats showbuiss.

No one had warned me that Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowing in the Wind’ comes on for a short burst. It was one Of Rosie’s most played on her ipod . It was like someone had punched me, I felt so lost without her and she should hve been there cheering Flo on. We are going again tonight- this time with less clothes on ( cos it is so hot , not to hide the tear stains ).

For all you NOT keeping up with the Glastonbury line-up, I meant Springsteen , not Forsythe.

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  1. I’d love to know what her most played songs were, Rosie always danced to her own tune, I’d love to know what these were. I miss her especially hard since it is summer again, just like the days when we first met on the lawn with the obligatory drinks in hand.

  2. Thanks for not giving away too much, if you’d told me about Nat’s naked monologue it would have ruined the show completely…!
    Blowin’ in the wind surprised me too, had no idea it was going to come on. Just watched Bruce live at Glastonbury and his songs have the same effect, they are so Rosie. He finished with Dancing in the Dark, another of her faves.
    Great show tonight, i am so proud of the girls and i know Rosie is too x

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