Blame Clive Bull.

This afternoon ,in The Rookery,Grandma educated ( whether they wanted to be or not ) the Streatham Ramblers Association , as to why all the red telephone boxes in Soho should be removed. She’d heard a radio programme the night before ,telling the London public what exactly goes on in these booths – and it had nothing to do with putting their 10p in the slot and waiting for a signal…..or perhaps it did. Anyway ,I think from now on at 2pm the SRA will meet somewhere else.

Put your Christmas present buying on hold for the time being – Jacob might be appearing in a nude 2011calender……………………..

I’m going to the seaside tomorrow- gales are imminent

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  1. I think I’ve found a job for Joan. In the ‘Ealing Gazette’ today,it says that Channel 4 are filming ‘Come Dine With Me’ in West London in October and are looking for ‘fun people from all walks of life’ to take part. Bet they’ve never had anyone like Joan before-perhaps it could be MacDonalds for every course washed down with rum?

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