A failed attempt

Jacob was the only entry to my competition ( look in the comments box ).

Sadly he didn’t realise he is AF – a nickname coined for him by Rosie last year.

So my new comp. is what does AF stand for . The prize this time is a 3 course meal cooked by Johnnie Dwyer – masterchef runner up.

Margaret Thatcher

AF (ask Florence what that means ) are I going to pay a visit to Maggie in Hoxton Square.

A prize ( possibly Manpreets coconut ice ) to anyone who knows what I’m talking about .

Heathrow Airport

After going to the doctors ( don’t ask ) I am off to Heathrow airport , terminal 3 ( not terminal 5 where Rosie and I had a decadent breakfast in Gordon Ramseys before flying off to Glasgow to see Their school of Art – that is a whole day of stories – ask Holly and Stu ). No , I’m not flying off somewhere exotic , can’t really bear to be beyond the comfort zone off my settee / fridge /Rosie’s bedroom. The Danish relations are leaving – we will really miss them. Kristian , a carpenter ( not of the Karen and Richard variety ) has built us 2 sets of shelves, and says when he returns he will fix all of our dining room chairs – which at present are unsafe . So if you visit …beware or bring your woodglue !

Pancake Day

We have hit the £3,000 mark with Rosie’s charity – thank-you. We have now upped the figure to £6,000 and so we will pay for a teacher for 2 years. So keep on clicking / running / selling all your family heirlooms on ebay etc etc !

Thinking about Rosie extra extra today as she had a nasty accident about 7 yers ago on Shrove Tuesday – ALL my fault I hasten to add. We were in the kitchen and about to toss our pancakes. There was too much fat in Rosie’s pan and when she tossed her pancake the fat splashed all up her arm – she spent the whole night with her arm in a bucket of water . the district nurse had to re-dress Rosie’s arm fr 9days and it healed up completely – there was never a mark. She had lovely arms and hands.

Sarah , Kristian, Thor, Frigg and Gro are still here – they are lovely. they’ve gone to see Olamor today – Great grandmama in Danish ( with made up spelling ). Good luck !


10 of us sat down to roast beef yesterday. We pulled the crackers that we couldnt face at Christmas . Thor got a water pistol, Flo filled it for him , he shot at Jacob …..so you know how that panned out !

Sarah ( Rosie’s cousin ) , Kristian, Thor , Frig and Gro have gone up to The Nat History Museum ,today. Ifeel like an exhibit from there.

Happy half term

For those of you in education – happy half term.

For those of you in employment, have a lovely week, at least the roads are quieter !

For anyone thats interested – the 4 amigos ( might be 5 if Fifi answers her phone ) are going to Pizza Express in Marlow while John and Jacob go to Reigate in search of one of the men Rosie publicly kissed – Iggy Pop. You will find out why quite soon ( not why Rosie kissed him , but why J&J have gone to get him )

So if anyone has a pizza express voucher stuffed in their bag , please do let me know- not that I’m mean or anything !