Bon Jovi’s poor relation ?

OH Amy GB, I love reading stuff like that ( read after Snap happy ), keep those stories coming . Who the hell is Bon Iver ? I guess I’ll be googling him/them/it in a minute- at first I thought it was the name of the new Blue peter dog !

A year ago I was dispatched to buy Pimms ( NOT the naff cinnamon infused winter version ), blinis ,cream cheese and smoked salmon for Rosie’s pre clubbing ,19th Birthday ‘at home’ drinkie party. I thought they’d be about 5 of you , Flo and I were hoping to muscle in on the action, but LOADS , turned up . You all sounded so happy – where did you go onto ? I don’t know why but the one person i remember was Anna S. – i think its cos she was sitting right by the door – am I right ?

For those of you who a) live out of Ealing b) are too tight to fork out 65p , you can see Rosie in The Gazette through the link on ‘We Cluster and we stick’ on this website . xx

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  1. was going to come to that, but ended up passing out on my bed during pre-drinking session and never made it to white heat, much to my regret. theres a fb group she made called “rosies rampage”, 29 members, I’m guessing they are the ones who descended upon your house!

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