Bon Voyage

It’s that time of year again .

John has dusted off his spandex, applied for his new ( I put it somewhere safe ,but I’m darned if I can find it ) EU Medical Card and scrubbed up his cleats.

Meanwhile I’ve made a tray of flapjacks with the out-of-date-only-use-it-once-a-year jar of golden syrup ( don’t think anyone will notice – they might even think I added some of Lance Armstrong’s version of flavour enhancer ).

Yes John is off cycling lots of miles again .
This year it is ‘The Tour de Normandy .Ferry to St Malo, returning from Dieppe,…with lots of wiggly bits in the middle.

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  1. and me …I cycled for 5 miles once and felt my coccyx was going to come through my skin – i never stopped moaning ,so no-one has ever asked me to cycle with them again .Result !

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