Both are creative beautiful stuff

Izzy P has confirmed …It was at Alex Juke’s house and she and Rosie had volunteered to make Classy Cocks . I thought I recognised our jug , which was probably full of our alcohol ! .

Saying au revoir for a bit as we fly north to Sweden and onto Denmark . I suggested Jacob filmed us making a re-enactment of The Bridge ( with me as Saga of course ) , he liked the idea so much , he has flown west to New Orleans .Meanwhile Florence is heading not-quite-so-far-west, to the Lochs.

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  1. Thanks- I love an adventure ( ie lost as soon as we come out of Arlanda Airport and our first argument while trying to work out how to buy a ticket on the Stockholm Metro. But we’ll keep going ,knowing there are meatballs and the Abba Museum to look forward to !)

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