Brain food perhaps ?

Edward , you’ve just introduced me to the world that is ‘Spotify’ . I thought at first it was something to do with tea-tree oil, but now I know I can log in ,tippytype in some letters and then belt out a showtune with Tina T , I’m hooked .

Jane, I’m thinking of a name for my 6th toe .A possibility is ‘Alan’, only cos when I was a student in a shared house and we found a cat ,and my flatmates wouldn’t let me call him Alan ( we didn’t even know it was a boy – not that it matters ) and I’ve never got over it . As for Declan’s source …Wikipedia – I rest my case .

John and I have just got back from Mersea Island ,Essex . We loved it . We walked and talked and cried and laughed and ate and drank . It’s got that lovely flat ,east coast landscape ( a bit like Whitstable or Suffolk ), but you can walk all the way around the island . We ate in the most fabulous place ‘The Company Shed’ .It started out as a shed selling fresh seafood ,but so many people wanted to eat their purchases there and then , the owners put in tables and jazzed up some of the catches of the day with garlic butter , roasted toms etc . You can’t book , just add your names to the blackboard outside, take your own wine, beer and bread and order stuff as you want it . We had scallops, mussels, lobster and crabcakes – bloody lovely and cheap. We drank local beer and wine from the Mersea Island Brewery. John’s beer ‘Island Oyster’ is brewed with oysters put into the barrel and claims to be a local aphrodisiac .Dunno about that ,but he thrashed me at scrabble later.More walking and talking and crying and laughing today – esp when we ended up in the middle of ‘The Cosmic Puffin’ music festival .I jest not.

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  1. Dont remember a cat called Alan-must have been after my time but i do remember having to share a house with a goldfish with a ridiculous name-jubble something or other. Alan seems rather tame after that.

  2. Andrea , don’t you remember when we had the mouse and we could not get rid of it , so one night ,on the way back from The Woodseats Tavern, we kidnapped a cat .We got rid of the mouse ,but the cat wouldn’t leave . The name of my fish was Jublemuzzlehatch- I now have a big chubster one – called ‘Fish’.

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