Break a leg

Thanks, I got to see the photo’s last night. It looks like everyone else is active and Sarah, John and I just sit and watch……not even one of us turning the skipping rope !

Phew what a scorcher and poor old Flo and Nat at rehearsals til 10.30pm , but hey thats showbizz.

Did lots of talking today , with Jane and then Bev and then my counsellor Bernice from the Meningitis/Septicaemia Trust It really is a terrible disease- so unfair , cruel, devastating. Nothing, even Jane dying and suffering so much , has prepared me for the impact of this destructive disease on my wonderful Rosie. She really didn’t deserve this. We miss her more and more everyday and for me it is harder when the sun is out, the French windows are open and she should be in the garden.

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