Bring on the battered pizza and buckfast chasers

Thanks to Susan ,Declan and Florence ,for today I am leaving on a jet plane ( cue the singing Claire ) .

Susan ,as in Subo, as I read rave revues about ‘ I Dreamed a Dream ‘ ,a new musical about her life .After much googling I found it wasn’t on anywhere down south , so I booked the next best thing – Glasgow .

Declan, because he is one of the most kindest and generous and lovely friends and he treated me to my flights .

Florence because she has to endure yet another piece of musical theatre with me and gets Mumsie to stay for three nights …can’t wait for all those student parties – do they still do ‘Oops upside your head’? ( in kilts )

2 Replies to “Bring on the battered pizza and buckfast chasers”

  1. Look out for me Rachel-I too am visiting my daughter and will be in Glasgow on sunday for a few days.And talking of student parties… werent ours great!!If you can, visit the japanese restaurant in the business section of Glasgow for a bit of serious tepanyaki-though make sure you have a first aider with you capable of the heimlich manoevre(two words I dont know how to spell!) as the first part of the meal involves catching sliced potatoes thrown at you by the chef.

  2. I’m in Glasgow on Flo’s PC .Yes we had the bestest of parties , thanks to your ex Colin being a DJ. we had all the latest singles.The floor was bouncing ( we lived in a first floor flat-Cobnar Gdns, when 2468 motorway came on ) .everyone danced like crazy .Do you remeber our children’s partys- ending with the flour game and pitch-black-sardines ?

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