campari cocktails and sangria helped with the hand-eye co-ordination

We have gold ! Not in team GB , but in our back garden .Laura and Eggburt won the gold . John and a sun burnt Tom Daley won the silver and Nikki and TCG won the bronze .It is important you know who came in 4th as it includes me and Highjumpawatha, Jacob and Usain Bolt and Stu and 4 Stu Daley.To save further embarrassment we won’t tell you where Adam and Adam (6th ), Florence and Rebbecca Adlington (7th ), Georgie and Bow Farra (8th ), Holly and Husain Bolt (5th ), Jo and Jude (joint 5th ) and finally Ryan and Ryan the Runner ( joint 6th ) came .

Us and our eggs, competed in long-jump, relay,volleyball and diving . Georgina provided the medals and Stu and Holly The Velodrome Cake ,complete with 4 cyclists .

Then after the awards ceremony, the tables were pushed back and the real ( over the washing line ) volleyball commenced . Jacob only had to climb over the fence twice to retrieve the ball and only one class got smashed , although a couple of spectators just missed having their noses broken .

No eggs were harmed in the making of these games.

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