A lovely couple and a wonderful bash

Thanks to Scarlett and Gareth for inviting us to your humdinger of a wedding .

We were truly spoiled and loved every minute of it – even walking up the lane in the pitch- black with only the stars to guide us .

Kings of Leon – not sure if i can listen to them anymore

Chopping veggies for my stir-fry .
Nearly chopped my hand off when I heard this

I’ll be the one to show you the way

You’ll be the one to always complain
Three in the morning, come a-bang-bang-bang
All out of fags and I just can’t wait
Cancel the thing that I said I’d do
I don’t feel comfortable talking to you
Unless you got the zipper fixed on my shoe
Then I’ll be in the lobby drinking for two

Eighteen, balding, star
Golden, fallen heart

Look at the shakies, what’s with the blush?
Fresh off the plane in my fuzzy rush
Everyone’s gathered to idolize me
I hate the way you talk, your Japanese scream

Who’d have guessed ? The Class of 2001

A dear friend of mine works at Elthorne Park High School ,where Rosie went to school ( and The SOC were formed ) .

Today she sent me a WhatsApp with the simple message ‘found this in the staffroom ‘… it was Rosie’s yearbook ‘Class of 2001’ …

She the sent me some pictures of the book .

I saw Mr Mc Dougal’s face smiling out …and Holly’s and Manpreet and Ali Melissa and Mustafa …..and of course Rosie’s . Quite a moment . Funnily enough we have the year book upstairs but I’ve never been able to look at it .

Then the funny bit and probably now something that wouldn’t happen , the answers to the student’s questionnaire, I guess about the girls, there must have been another one for the boys –

Most likely to succedd -Laura Gordon

Most likely to be famous -Shauna Waugh

Most likely to rule the world -Amy Garcia Brooks

Best Female teacher – Ms Grimley

Most likely to be a model -JOURDAN DUNN

St Stephen’s Tavern is where they met

Back to Dad and the whole DDay thing .
Geoffrey loved water ,he was in the Royal Navy, then worked on the river and then ran a launderette!
When I was around 8 , he bought a little dinghy with an outboard motor. Before launching it on the River Thames at Weybridge , he painstakingly painted it’s name on the side ‘ Utah’. He then explained why he gave it that name , I wasn’t that bothered at the time , just wanted to pull that cord, start the engine and steer the dam thing. I think he only took it out twice – sad really.
Mother on the other hand viewed the war differently. She found it liberating .
In 1939, she was 18, had left home and was living with her Aunt Rene and Uncle Bill in their pub, St. Stephen’s Tavern, opposite St. Stephen’s Tower , otherwise known as Big Ben. She worked behind the bar and volunteered for The Red Cross. She told wonderful stories of how her and her friends would take leftover food and beer from the pub and picnic on Parliament Square after 11 pm closing time during the blackout . I asked her once if she was afraid as she was living in such a targeted area – she said it never really crossed her mind.
Geoffrey ,on the other hand,said nothing

After the sea, you can’t beat a bit of seeing stuff

Ooh what a week for seeing stuff ..

Lee Krasner at The Barbican

Tirzah and Eric Ravilious at the Fry Gallery , Saffron Walden

The inside of Hatfield House – when the troops were little we only ever saw the outside and I’m not sure if we ever went back after Florence dropped her Tamagotchi in the pond .It was a traumatic moment !

The inside of Emerald’s portipotti .

Tomorrow , as the clouds form and the rain comes we’re taking her to Eype – cannee wait

My sister,Jane

On Radio 4’s Saturday Live listeners can leave a message of gratitude to someone they haven’t thanked before but have really impacted them in some way .

I would like to say sorry to a group of vulnerable people to whom I fear I frightened / shocked/startled and to whom I’ve never seen since ….

Around 5.30am on this day 18 years ago I had a phone call from the nursing sister of Lane Fox Ward ,St Thomas’s Hospital ,London .All the patients have sleep disordered breathing, chronic respiratory failure and pulmonary hypertension. They are not well and often fearful people . She told me to come in quickly as my sister ,Jane, was very unwell . I had spent the previous evening with Jane , and because the staff couldn’t locate a piece of medical equipment she needed, had driven back to St Oswald’s Road ,to get it for them . I did not have confidence in the ward staff and was very concerned about the level of care .I felt I did have insight having stayed with her the night before last , and witnessed the nurse on night duty only do 2 ward rounds and spend the rest of the time reading the bible .

Anyway , back to my apology . After the phone call , I dressed , and this is weird and superficial, but I remember what i was wearing – black shorts and t shirt and carried a brightly coloured plastic basket . John drove me to Northfields, I got the tube to Westminster and stood ,gripping the bar and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed . People looked away , no-one said a thing . I (sort of ) ran across Westminster Bridge ,along the riverside walk and into the entrance of Lane Fox Ward . The nursing-sister was stood in civvies, white jeans and a white t shirt , I knew she was waiting for me .Ironivcally she just said 2 words ‘Im sorry’ and I immediately knew .
So what did I do ?
I screamed . I howled and then flung my basket across the ward .

So to those patients , i would like to say sorry

My brother ,Richard

Sending a BIG pile of Happy 70th Birthday Love across the North Sea to my dear brother Richard

and an apology …

Just after Rosie died , Richard asked if he could have one of Rosie’s pieces of art – a sketch , a painting , a collage – he didn’t mind . The truth is I haven’t forgotten , but in 10 years and 5 months , have never the strength to go through her portfolios .

Sketches are like handwriting – HER , alive and vibrant and beautiful and of the moment .

Ditto, Georgina and Danny’s wedding present , they were promised a piece too . Instead they got egg-cups

I have no doubt that one day I’ll dig very deep and Richard ( and G&D) you will get the special present you deserve