Its like come dine with me here , except i never cook any of the meals . Julia did a delicious fish pie on Wed and Sarah is surprising us tonight – . No doubt we’ll crack open a couple of bottles to celebrate richards 51 st ( Birthday , not come dine with me entry )

Did anyone watch it last week , i thought ben de Lisi’s was the best .

Today we picnic’d in Penn Woods- its beautiful . Our dear friends the Kylies ( no relation of the Minogues ) dedicated 10 trees to rosie. We have found the one we are going to call Rosie’s tree , it is in a grassy glen . So if anyone fancies dancing naked around it on summer soltice , let me know and I’ll bring my video camera ! Rosie would love it – but not these cheesy jokes !!

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  1. My all time (I’ve only seen it once!) CDWM favorite is definitely The Rafie, no, he did not cook anything himself…but The Rafie ruled!!!
    Hope you had a nice sunday with friends, good food and a couple of bottles of bubbles:-)

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