One year ago today , a miracle happened – Rosie passed her driving test ! Thank you Chris.

I think the best Rosie driving experience story belongs to Florence. Driving back , from Grandma’a along the A4 , Rosie missed the turning off for Ealing . She found herself in the fast lane , not knowing where they were going with the petrol warning light on . In her usual calm and thoughtful way , Rosie screamed at Florence to sort it out ! Flo phoned John who talked them through what to do . 2 hours later they got home, John was worried stiff _ once Rosie had scrabbled their money together , she had put £2 worth petrol in and then decided the need to celebrate and stopped for a McFlurry !

Happy days……………………xx

Still no reply from Izzy ??

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  1. I was in Kew when this was happening. And I rang Rosie asking for a lift back on the way. As it SHOULD be on route back from grandmas. She blew my head off!!

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