Ok I’ll put you out of your misery, but i’ll have to be careful as there are people I work with and respect ( obviously not you 4 ) reading this literary masterpiece. It has been compared to the writings of Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank , and I wouldn’t be surprised if its included in the GCSE syllabus next year – and please , no reference to ‘ dumbing down’ .

So, lets just say the photos of men who had forgotton to put their clothes on , yet were not too cold and enjoying each others company . Now go and do somthing useful.

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  1. Hey Rachel! I’m just catching up on the blogs that I’ve missed, whilst listening to Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine. Listening to her reminds me soo much of Rosie and when me Rosie, Holly, Alison and i think Helen but i’m not suree.. saw her at Macbeth in the s’ditch! Rosie loved how new she was as how she climbed the stage with her pukka pad full of lyrics. we anaylsed her gig instead of the cold war in history- always a time to catch up in history!

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