change of career

Lorna , I was in Old Compton Street once when I got followed around by a scruffy woman and a camera crew. Thinking she was ‘The secret millionaire’, I was really nice to her, told her ALL my good deeds………then the next night i found myself on ‘Big Brother’s Little brother’ .

Izzy S- that youtube video of Starman was hysterical – I noticed he’s dumped Rosalee and wrapped himself up in tinfoil. It looked so dated – like a reject from the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes you’ve guessed right- Florence got her own way and we watched ‘Pinapple Dance studios’ followed by Coach Trip ( I’m NOT being budged on that one ).Before you’re thinking I’m getting down there ( problem is I couldn’t get back up ) with the 20something dance brigade , Pineapple was recommended by our neighbours, Matt and Kim, who are my age – although you all think I look a lot younger ?!

As for Glee, Adam it was you who suggested I watch that, even Flo won’t watch that one with me. I think they must be sponsed by the Equal Opps thingey. Last week there was a school for the deaf’s choir and the week before we were introduced to Sue’s sister who has Down’s Syndrome. But 9pm tonight is sound effect overload – ‘One Born every minute.’ I love the woman on reception- all she does is gossip and eat , while everyone around her is either, running, pushing , panting or screaming- I want her job.

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  1. That receptionists a bit of a legend round ours… whats her name, nancy or something? the music they play in the background while shes on screen is too funny, its all sneaky and mysterious. And then she goes in to the staffroom and nabs all the tea and cake from the midwives who’ve been being screamed at and looking at fannys (sorry) for several hours. She cracks me up so much!

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