Chaucer- he’s not quite Shakespeare

I know things aren’t good ,when I go and see the bawdy Canterbury Tales in the wonderful atmospheric (i.e. damp) Southwark Theatre under The London Brigde Railway Arches, and I can’t dig deep enough to get my yearning for Rosie out of my mind.

But things get better ,when I phone home for a’ Belsize pick-up’ ( our term for anyone who wants a lift from Northfields Tube Station ), and Jacob and Florence are both in the car to meet me.

But before tomorrow I have to say how much I love that photo of Rosie and Izzi. It is as if Rosie is here,happy and staring right back at you .I want to touch her ,feel and her and hear her voice .It is just not right ….I want her so much .And whoever said ‘time heals’ should be ……….

3 Replies to “Chaucer- he’s not quite Shakespeare”

  1. Rachel, It was lovely to bump into you outside Sainsburies today.You are often in my thoughts and prayers.I wish I could do something to dry your tears .I cannot stop thinking about you, your family and Rosie.Until we meet again ,I’ll hold onto our hug .

  2. I agree it is not time that heals but it gives you the time you need to work out how to recover and live with the loss more peaceably . That can’t happen overnight which is why people think time heals. But it isn’t the time. It’s what you do with it. Learning ways to process the awfulness that allow you to stop sinking and start swimming. With love

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