Chichester marina is lovely

Thank you Adam, thats put me out of my misery. Ann, I wouldn’t bother , its probably dated. When we last went to San Clemente , Rosie wanted to see a scarey movie. I suggested ‘Friday 13th’ , we hired it , watched it, it was dreadful , not at all scarey( but it had been about 10 years previosly ) . I redeemed myself by choosing ‘Babel’ to rent – we all loved that film.

John is emotionally exhausted after his full day of corporate hospitality at Twickenham , aah poor thing. He won the £50 sweep at the table- so the children at The Southend Academy, kenya , will benefit from Ireland beating England. So I’ve left him to sleep it off ,and watched 2 episodes of Glee( I love Sue ) and read yesterdays papers.

Yesterday was a lovely day and I’m not talking of David Essex being on the Jonathan Ross radio show. ( Anyone who knows me , will remember he was my first love and I saw Godspell 24x ), but Sarah whisked me off for the day . It was like like Thelma and Louise hit The Witterings. we got lost , picnic’d ,had coffee walked, had morecoffee, talked, got lost , ate in a village pub, got lost, got home , had R&C’s, were entertained by Richard and John….and Rosie was with us the whole time.

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  1. the new remake of friday 13th is pretty scary, (most sex I’ve ever seen in a horror film though!) not seen the old one though, but after your review I think I’ll give it a miss!

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