Chichester’s got talent

Had a wonderful day out yesterday .

Chugged down to Chichester on the train and saw 1 beautiful thing and 1 AMAZING thing .
The beauty lay in the work of J.D Fergusons’ paintings at The Pallant House Gallery .He was a Scottish Colourist who was heavily influenced by his trip to France and his love of the stylish Margaret Morris .I think his paintings are stunning.

The amazing thing was ‘Gypsy’ at the Chichester Festival Theatre .I think I am a little bit in love with Imelda Staunton .Everything she does just gets better and better and Gypsy was simply sublime – the whole cast ,the set ,the music ,the story ,the humour ,the sadness , the orchestra , (the audience – average age 75 ) and her .Imelda lit up the stage and as for her last song – I think the whole audience was moved ( well those who weren’t queuing for the one disabled toilet ) .It was fantastic.

Then we chugged home and I cried again ,reading what Bob Geldof wrote about coping with his pain after the tragic death of his daughter ,Peaches .
”It comes and goes. plane rides don’t help, because you’re on your own.I travel with my mate, who is my agent and we play Scrabble, but in between choosing the words , you’re left there, with it .So usually I try to write or read .Anything. But even then,it will assail you .And it is an assault.”
He speaks the truth .

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