Chris Venting was the much maligned driving instructor

I’ve been de-cluttering and what happens when you de-clutter ?

You end up with loads of stuff to take to the charity shop/tip/ and you find stuff that makes you cry and sometimes laugh- and then cry .

Today found the recipe card box that Georgina kindly gave me not long after Rosie had died .People wrote down things to do with Rosie and food .As I said at her funeral ,Rosie LOVED food – tasting it ,playing with it , sticking her finger in it , playing with it some more and on few occasions – following a recipe .

This is one of the cards I read

”OK so on the morning after a gr8 night and Rosie and I had the munchies on a serious level and so we decided to make a fry up. Unfortunately all we had in the fridge was some sliced ham,eggs and a cheese platter from the night before , so Rosie , claiming she’s done it loads of times before , said we should mix it all in a bowl and serve it with toast ( I don’t know why I agreed to it, must have been because I was still tipsy from the night before )…anyway it was really disgusting and I swear I felt sick for 2 days after and it didn’t help I had a Chris Venting sesh at noon .”

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