Coach Trip Bullies

Spoke to Jacob a la Skypey tonight. Well we could see and hear him , but he could only hear us – which was probably a good thing , having been out for Breakfast (avec Paul ), lunch ( a la Room 14 at brigstock avec Grandmama and Flo ) and supper at Carluccios (avec Judy). and I was about to explode. He had a 40hour epic road/train trip to get the ‘the greenstairs Hostel ‘ T’Bilisi , and was just off to explore………………

Did you have pancakes today ? We are saving ours for tonight , as Georgina ‘s coming to supper , and she’s probably far better at making them than us. I was thinking back to the time Rosie got really burnt on Shrove Tuesday , and it was all my fault. There was too much fat in the pan , she tossed it , and the fat soaked her hand and arm.She had to have her arm dressed and the dressings changed everyday for the next couple of weeks by the district nurse. The healing was amazing , she had no scar left on her.I’m guessing, she was about 13 ?? She was a strong cookie. I think maybe thats another reason why we didn’t make them – we want her with us doing it .

Nikki, what do you think of Glenys and Roy ? I felt so so sorry for them . I hate it when people pick on a couple to get rid of.

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  1. Oh no-what pressure! In fact i can’t make pancakes at all. Ever since Rosie burnt her arm i just stay well away from them. Yesterday i had some delicious ones, all made for me by my housemates 🙂
    Not saying i won’t have a go though, I’m up for a challenge…! Looking forward to seeing you all x

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