As I said , after yesterdays debacle ,I did calm stuff…St Pauls’ Cathedral…went to see the brilliant and moving and thought -provoking film ‘The Hunt’…John and I had supper with a dear friend …bed …up and out at 7.30 am to Sainsburys ( had a little weep with my Macedonian friend on fruit&veg – he finds Christmas hard too ) …returned to find Patrick waiting for me on the doorstep .He was anxious ,as we’d promised him a 9.30 am lift to his friend’s house to get his taxi to Heathrow for his flight to Oslo. ‘What’s the problem ? ‘ I asked ‘Its only 8.45’ .He replied ‘I meant 9.30 Norwegian time’……. stupid me !

All is calm now .I sold the beauty of SPC to Andrzej , so he’s toddled off there- I bet he climbs the 528 steps. The lovely Nikki came round this morning and brought us some Amsterdam-waffle-biscuits and my prodigal daughter chugs in from Glasgow this evening. Oh and John’s just dropped an open tin of green paint in his rear passage ( pardon me vicar ).

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