Copenhagen -part 2

Scroll down now if you don’t want to read my ‘ last 5 days remember what I’ve done,brain-gym exercise ‘

So …….in chronological order – we breakfasted in Gordon Ramsays -Heathrow T5 , flew , landed ( obviously ) , met by Nicolai , train to Sarah,Kristian,Thor,Frigg and Gros’.Were welcomed , relaxed , ate drank ,talked and were joined for supper by Victoria,Richard and Lise. . Day 2 and caught the train into Copenhagen, Botanic Gardens , art gallery , walked, non-decapitated, Little Mermaid, beers and open sandwiches on the quay at Nyhavyn , hooked up with Jacob, Nic and Flo , dins back at Thomsen Browns, joined by Charlotte ( Flo’s roomie from Glasgow ) for big dins and drinkies . Then on Thursday we were up early for Jacob to go to school , to be part of the first lesson of the day ,with Thor – they played ‘Simon Says’ and one kid , suggested Gangham Style – so we’ve been dancing it ever since . Flo and I did beauty at Victoria’s salon, while Jacob ,John Kristian and Thor went cycling and we rendezvoused in Christiania , on Pusher Street where we went for a lunch .J,V & F wanted to go shopping , so I jumped (?) on Jacobs bike and gaily cycled back through the centre of Copenhagen to Sarah and Kristians'( scared as hell ). Richard picked us up and we had a wonderful dins at Richard and Lise’s ,then watched the video of Richard bungeeing off a bridge over Lake Victoioria ( Very impressed ) . Friday was canal tour , walking ,gallery , dins, contract whist …while F&J partied with Victoria .Then yesterday R&L&N took us to Kronborg castle where Shakespeare set Hamlet – beautiful – I love castles … and the Danish ,beer and snaps lunch afterwards .

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